Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

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Looking for difference-sensitive training for professionals, newcomers or volunteers? In all our trainings the experiences and expertise of newcomers themselves are central. Moreover, we develop our trainings together with newcomers and professionals and work with trainers with lived experience.

Customized training

All our interactive trainings are customized: what is your question and how can we connect to it? In larger projects, we sometimes start with a scan, in which we first speak to the client managers of each team one on one, for example. Or we organize a 'meaning day' with client managers, team leaders and policy advisors. 

Trainers with lived experience

Developed with target audience



Training for professionals

As a client manager, employer or integration consultant, you often run into implementation problems when assisting newcomers. Whether it concerns housing, care, education or work. How can things be done better and what really works in practice?

In an open, creative setting, our trainers help come up with concrete solutions and new ways of thinking. We involve the perspective of the persons integrating themselves; this will give them the best chance of success later on.

Customized integration and participation pathways

It is important that persons integrating can participate well in Dutch society and become acquainted with the Dutch labor market. Our interactive tailor-made integration and participation programs are fun and effective and match the wishes and needs of participants.

  • Program adapted to needs and capabilities participants
  • Attractive and effective programming
  • Experienced, multilingual trainers and extensive network of interpreters
  • Community based: meeting and expanding network newcomer

Training for volunteers

Many volunteers work with newcomers, for example as language coaches or social workers. This is fun and inspiring, but can sometimes be difficult. How do you deal with cultural differences and dilemmas? In our trainings you get practical information and tools and practice role plays and conversation skills.

Featured Projects

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Training Difference Aware

In the training, you will work on conversation skills around differences, culture shock moments and dilemmas, and a recipe for difference-sensitive work.
Welcome meetings PvT

Welcome meetings PvT

Interactive welcome meetings for family migrants in the municipality of Amsterdam (PvT).
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Labour Market and Participation Module Amsterdam

The Module Labor Market and Participation guides newcomers in their introduction to the Dutch labor market.

Impulse learning in implementation

Develop training for the municipality of Utrecht to the seniors supporting the implementers of the Integration Act 2021.

Communities of practice Integration

Commissioned by Divosa, we support 3 communities of practice in civic integration as process facilitators.

Be Welcome Workshops

To provide newcomers with better access to work, inclusive workplaces are needed. Together with NewBees, we developed a workshop series for this purpose: Be Welcome. 

The Offer Central

Research for the municipalities of Hollands Kroon, Den Helder and Schagen on a procurement strategy for language education and participation programs.

Recruit based on insight

Libraries can play a crucial role in the informal language acquisition of newcomers. But the offerings by no means always reach the people who need them most.

Newcomers as client managers

Together with BMC, OpenEmbassy developed a training course that allows newcomers to start working as an integration coach or client manager.
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Learning course in integration law client managers

Commissioned by Divosa, we developed a five-day learning program for client managers to equip them for their role.

Our trainers

We have a permanent team of multilingual trainers with lived experience. Depending on the project, we add appropriate colleagues from our freelance pool.

Want to know more?

Interested in a customized interactive training? Or just curious about the possibilities that fit your demand?

team leader

Tamer Allaloush

Training team leader, community builder

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