Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

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Impact research

The Integration Act raises exciting issues. As a municipality, how do you make sure that what you have devised on paper works in practice? And how can you let that practice feed into the policy you subsequently devise? Thorough impact research also helps to focus on the important question: how do we ensure that newcomers participate in my municipality and feel at home?

Effective policies based on experiences of newcomers

Because it's not just about passing the civic integration, but the broader social perspective. For example, you don't just want people to speak at B1 level, but also to feel comfortable talking to others in everyday life and at work.

In recent years, we developed in practice several tools that we use to help municipalities make their policies appropriate for persons integrating. All of them are based on the evidence-based model of the Indicators of Integration. This framework helps to focus on the experiences of people themselves.

Development of effective, locally appropriate measurement model

Perhaps you already have a vision document that has been approved by the council. Or you are engaged in a participatory process with partners in the field. You may already have an integration coalition. The starting point of every municipality or civil society organization is different. That is why we involve a diverse range of stakeholders in the impact research.


In this way, together we will arrive at an effective model with which to measure integration results. From a broad, local perspective and with experience data from newcomers themselves.

Support implementation evaluation

In addition, we can support the implementation of evaluations. With a broad set of tools and methods, we collect (qualitative) experiential data from newcomers. For example, using action research, an expert pool, surveys, in-depth interviews or design sessions.

We always check what data and knowledge are already available. This is efficient, cost-saving and strategic. Because impact research and evaluation are thus embedded locally and are not dependent on our presence.

Exchange experiences with other municipalities

We also support municipalities and civil society organizations by connecting them with each other. What is happening in other communities? Can we see a pattern? Can we raise issues on a national level? That way you don't have to reinvent the wheel and you can highlight the things that are going well in your own community.

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Possible activities

Determining indicators

Conversation stakeholders


Design session

Advice measuring instruments

Reflection session


Featured Projects

Expert Pool Reorientation Asylum

The Ministry of Justice asked ABDTOPConsult for a reorientation of the current asylum policy and the design of the asylum system. OpenEmbassy was engaged for input from asylum seekers and status holders.

AMV Expert Pool

Expert pool to collect the experiences of unaccompanied minor refugees (unaccompanied minors) in South Holland for better reception.
Stock photo MAP Boost

Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Services

Monitoring and Evaluation of NewBees' Social Service Time (MDT) program for young newcomers.

Platform Newcomers and Employment

Platform Newcomers and Work supports initiatives that guide newcomers to work with funding, research, community, knowledge and coaching.
Expert pool perspective newcomers integration

Newcomers' perspective on integration

Research on the perspective of integrationists for the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Stock photo MAP Boost - Renata Chede

Expertpool Nijmegen

Expert pool on the first experiences of integrationists in the Municipality of Nijmegen

Monitoring and evaluation Himilo Foundation

Together with ITTA UvA, we are conducting a monitoring and evaluation study of the Himilo Foundation's approach around "Family support for language development in low literacy and poverty."
Monitoring and evaluation Urecht

Monitoring and evaluation Utrecht

Qualitative monitoring and evaluation to make municipal policies more appropriate for people who are subject to mandatory integration.

The Social Stone

With the Social Stone, we are exploring an innovative approach to the housing process for newcomers to the Netherlands, together with Department of Extraordinary Affairs.
Stock photo MAP Boost - Renata Chede

Evaluation pilot AZC Almere

Evaluation study of the pilot of COA, Municipality of Almere and Randstad to guide azc residents to work.


Our impact researchers have extensive knowledge of the research field, indicators to be used and qualitative measurement tools. With different perspectives and lived experience, we connect as closely as possible to the experiences of newcomers themselves.

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