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Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

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Labour Market and Participation Module Amsterdam

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Labor Market and Participation Module


Municipality of Amsterdam





Training on the Dutch labor market

Project description

The Module Labor Market and Participation Amsterdam guides newcomers (in this case family migrants) in their introduction to the Dutch labor market. The trainings are developed with the input of family migrants themselves. This allows us to respond well to the needs of the target group. Our trainings for MAP have a dual purpose:

  • Creating access to information about the Dutch labor market
  • Facilitate mutual exchange and connections among family migrants in Amsterdam. 

Customized modules

The trainings are made up of several modules, giving participants the freedom to choose what best suits their needs. In addition to a starter module, we provide a module on job search (A), finding work/application (B), getting to work (C) and volunteering and active citizenship (D).

Difference-sensitive approach

We work with experienced translators in Arabic, French, Turkish, Farsi and Berber, among other languages. This way we can support participants who do not understand Dutch or English as well as possible. In addition, many of our trainers and translators have experience as newcomers themselves. As a result, they recognize the obstacles and challenges that family migrants face on the Dutch labor market, and a relationship of trust is quickly established with the participants.

"What an accomplishment, you managed to complete the modules despite a (too) high turnout. Thank you for that!" - Client supervisor Municipality of Amsterdam

Results & insights

Community building & peer-to-peer learning

We believe in the value of creating a community. The trainings are interactive and emphasize networking and peer-to-peer learning. We leverage the diversity of participants' knowledge as a source of strength: they are encouraged to interact, share experiences and exchange valuable tips.

There is room for about 90 participants per module. If there are unexpectedly more applications, we make every effort to include participants and can scale up to as many as 120 participants. We aim to have trained a total of 1150 participants on the Dutch labor market by the summer of 2024.

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Stock photo MAP Boost

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This project was supervised by:

project manager

Tamer Allaloush

Training team leader, community builder

They also participated in this project

Imren Yigit Ari


Yaman Attar

Action Researcher

Palwasha Hassan

Freelance Trainer

Jasmyna Bakkali

Freelance Trainer

Soraya Shawki

Liaison officer UK & researcher

Mahad Hussein

Action Researcher

Liv Kaya Aabeye

All-round consultant

Eva Halverhout

Community builder & researcher

Brenda van Berkel

Office manager
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