Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

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For newcomers


Do you have questions about your new life in the Netherlands? For example, about education, language, work, care or housing? Then you can contact our Helpdesk. Together with you, we will look for answers and ideas.

Ask your question to us on Facebook, WhatsApp or email. Our team will respond the next business day.



Information on various topics for displaced persons from Ukraine.


An online platform to find activities in your neighborhood, look up information and meet new people.

IPN Foundation

Information for integration and participation of Turkish newcomers.

Just in the Netherlands

Program from Dutch Broadcasting to learn more about NL if you are new here.


Me and Society

Language courses

Vertel es

Online taalcafé voor nieuwkomers


Multilingual App to find a language buddy to learn NL.

Leisure & Connections


A platform to find social activities in your neighborhood.

Parenting Across Borders

Meeting other parents and talking about parenting and parenting.

Writing Workshop

Writing workshop for newcomers who have a passion for stories, poems or columns. Creative writing for people learning Dutch.

Webinar Sociale verbindingen

Gesprek met de Oekraïense KOLO community en Stacci (Penievska) Pierce, specialist in aanpassing en integratie in een nieuwe samenleving,

Common Frames

Film- en mediaprojecten met (jonge) nieuwkomers


General info education

General information about studying and going to school in the Netherlands.

UAF Academy

Online learning and development platform for refugee students and professionals.

United Repair Center

Trains newcomers to become tailors and gives them gainful employment.

Teacher refugee Mathematics

Courses for teacher refugees who want to work in Dutch education as math teachers. Developed by the Dutch association for teachers of mathematics (NVvW)


App for personal development and skill training.

Homework help

A volunteer supports with your children's homework.

Rights & responsibilities

The Legal Counter

Free advice on rights.


Information on employment rights.


Information on various topics.

Self-Determination & Residence Rights Platform

Information on retaining residency rights after divorcing your partner.


Reception of Ukrainians

Information on arrival and reception in the Netherlands for Ukrainians.


Organization that matches people with residence status to stay with a Dutch host family.

Housing status holders

Information on steps to housing for status holders.

Care & Wellness

General info care

Information on the Dutch health care system and health insurance for newcomers.

Health Insurance Line

Information on medical care for Ukrainians.

Health Insurance Line

Health insurance information in several languages.


Health care information for people seeking asylum.


Refugee Work

National online starting point for refugees seeking employment.

Refugees employment agency

Temporary employment agency for refugees, asylum seekers and status holders for suitable work that gives them an opportunity for economic independence and integration into Dutch society.

Refugee Talent Hub

Matches employers and employees for gainful employment.


Guidance, traineeships and tailored support for newcomers to employment and integration.

Refugee Connect

Matching and counseling employers with residents of AZCs.

Refugee Company

Apprenticeship programs for people from refugee backgrounds.

A Beautiful Mess

Apprenticeship workshop for people from refugee backgrounds.


Helps employers successfully fill vacancies with newcomers.

United Repair Center

Trains newcomers to become tailors and gives them gainful employment.


Education, training and job counseling for newcomers.

Teacher refugee for the classroom

Information on how to become a teacher again even in NL and a buddy program.

Global People

Matching multicultural talent to top employers

Alumni inspiration magazine Forward Inc.

Inspirational magazine featuring interviews and stories of newcomers who found work with Forward Inc.


App to create skill profile; gain insight into your development points and career path.

Webinar Contact met locals

Webinar Navigating relationships with locals in work and life - Ukranian community

Newcomers and Work Platform initiatives


Employing newcomers with healthcare backgrounds as assistant nurses with a parallel language course and pathway towards BIG registration as a nurse.

CCN- AUMC Echocardiography Academy

Trains newcomers with healthcare backgrounds to become echocardiographers. With attention to professional language, differences between healthcare systems, cultural differences and additional on-the-job guidance.

Blue Road Academy

Promotes the careers of newcomers with technical training, professional development and direct connections to top employers.

The Pear Tree

Training program to become a VGTM employee for newcomers with a healthcare background. Upon completion, participants can join 1 of the cooperating hospitals.


Together for equal opportunities - Edu4U helps newcomers move on to an MBO, HBO or Wo education. They do this with weekend courses, exam training and customized training and coaching.


Trains newcomers to become Data Center Professionals, participants are offered an employment contract upon completion. This initiative In cooperation with the Data Center College and industry association Dutch Data Association offers a solution to the major shortage of workers in the digital sector.

Colorful caring

A culture-sensitive pathway for a job with BBL training in inpatient elderly care. A unique feature of the approach is that not only newcomers, but also participating employers actively complete a pathway.

Forward Inc.

Supports newcomers in their entrepreneurial dreams. They do this by empowering them to launch, grow and finance their own businesses.

Newbees Care Traineeships

Guides newcomers to a job in healthcare. They do this with a care traineeship in which participants gain work experience within the care sector and additional language lessons focused on working in care.

Refugee Start Force

Makes a social and professional network accessible to newcomers. They do this by connecting newcomers with residents, organizations and businesses and providing information and work opportunities for their aspirations.

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