Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

Knowledge by, for and about newcomers

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Action Research

Newcomers in the Netherlands often get stuck in the system. This limits their access to, for example, work, (language) education, care, and information. This is complicated for your municipality or organization. How can you best help them? What works and what doesn't? What policy should you make? Action research can help.

Working for perspective for newcomers

With the Perspective Plan Method, we ensure that newcomers regain perspective. This approach is based on the work of our founding partner Institute for Public Values, along with Ager and Strang's Indicators of Integration Framework. What does it take to feel at home as a newcomer? And what actions can achieve a breakthrough in this in the short term?

Does someone need a bicycle to get to work? Then we arrange a bicycle. We go with someone to register with the doctor or practice role-playing for a job application. We do whatever it takes to create perspective as quickly as possible.

Newcomers are the experts

Policies can only truly succeed if they connect with the people they affect. That's why our action researchers use newcomers as experts. They know best what they need and what obstacles there are to achieving it. With an open and curious attitude, we enter into the conversation without immediately offering solutions.

This creates equal cooperation and establishes new (in)formal connections in the local community. From this come follow-up actions and creative solutions that work well.

Translating individual support into system impact

With action research, we simultaneously extract valuable information about the system. This is how we connect practice, policy and research. This gives your municipality or organization well-founded tools for policy and implementation with impact.

We pick up a minimum of 10 cases and ensure that you gather optimal knowledge in 1-3 internal sessions with stakeholders. The project duration is between 4 and 8 months. Individual customized training or case-level intervision is also possible.

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Benefits of action research

Featured Projects

Expert pool of flow-through sites

Together with newcomers, we drew up preconditions for developing good transit locations in the province of Utrecht.
Direct Participation team

Participate Directly

Within Direct Meedoen, we supported a total of 75 Ukrainian households (around 200 individuals) for one year, in Zaanstad, Amsterdam and Nijmegen.
Exxpert Pool Almere

Expertpool Almere

The municipality of Almere wants a proper plan of action for the 1,350 Ukrainian displaced persons they are hosting.

Our action researchers

Good relationships, quick turnaround and a huge network are the building blocks of our work. In addition, our diverse team brings different perspectives and lived experience. In this way, we connect as closely as possible to the experiences of newcomers themselves.

Want to know more?

Wondering what action research can do in your congregation or organization? Contact the team leader.

team leader

Sandrine Lafay

Action Research Team-Leader

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