Your knowledge and network are of great value to new Dutch people.

OpenEmbassy is an online helpdesk where newcomers can ask questions about their new life in the Netherlands.

Building up a life in a new country is not easy. Especially if you hardly know anyone. At OpenEmbassy we believe in the power of community. Together we make the first steps in the Netherlands easier.

Would you like to do something for new compatriots? And do you have some spare time once in a while to provide online assistance or to activate your network? Then we are looking for you!

You can participate in various ways ↓

What can I do for newcomers at OpenEmbassy?

Become a Supervoluteer!

Are you regularly online? Become a Supervolunteer! You will join our flexteam of people who answer questions of newcomers through Facebook, Twitter, mail or our online helpdesk.
Become Supervolunteer!

Share your expertise!

We're always looking for people who can support our organisation with skills and know-how. Maybe you know much about community-management? Are you an immigration lawyer? Do you advise NGO's? Are you a programmer? We're happy with any advise and offers! Share your expertise!

Share your network!

Our influential network enables us to quickly answer many questions. The Netherlands are a small country, so we always manage to find answers, language buddies or internships. Can we email you for questions? Share your network!

Language buddies needed!

Many newcomers are eager to practice the language with a Dutch speaking person. Some might master Dutch already and are looking to improve their English. An hour’s time and a cup of coffee is all you need. We look for a good match and then you are free to find a form that suits you. We do not demand a mandatory number of hours per week or a specific program for you to follow. Though we are off course always available for questions and support.

Sign up as a languagebuddy!

Open requests


In our newsletter we share questions that require extra attention. No spam, but every once in a while some questions that you might know the answer to. Sign up for the newsletter!

Bloggers & vloggers gezocht

Are you new in the Netherlands? Or do you work with people who are new in the Netherlands? We are looking for experts, creative talent and other content producers who would like to participate in a blog about everyday life as a newcomer in the Netherlands. Become Contributor!