OpenEmbassy believes in an inclusive society. At OpenEmbassy, (new) Dutch people collaborate on this mission. We always begin with the question: what does someone need? And how can our community fulfil this need? Our key points of departure are equality and pragmatism. Only when we approach the other as equal, can we live together. For us, pragmatism is the key to this attitude. At our helpdesk we provide answers to everyday questions from newcomers. And we conduct action research on integration upon request. This way we make an impact both locally and systemically. Do you want to particiapte? Join our online community!


... is an online community of new and born Dutch people

... researches and improves integration utilising contemporary and effective methods

... provides online and 21-st century proof volunteer work

This is our team

Liselot Kattemölle, Community Manager

Liselot has an outspoken talent for sharing, co-living and entrepeneurship. Whether she lives in Amsterdam, Madrid, Copenhagen or Beirut, she is always looking for places where she can put her knowledge and expertise to use for people who need it. She is the driving innovative force behind the community of OpenEmbassy.

Renée Frissen, Founder

Renée founded OpenEmbassy in 2015. For her, doing and learning are inextricably linked to each other, and that is why she is committed to knowledge development within OpenEmbassy. Working with a talented international and diverse team on a better future for newcomers, is the best thing she has been able to do so far.

Mariëm Lahit, Community Facilitator

Mariëm is our community manager in Eindhoven, and a versatile community facilitator at our helpdesk. She works hard for people who are less vocal than herself, and does so with great loyalty and commitment.

Ahmad Kabakibi

Ahmad is the brain behind OpenEmbassy's software. Together with Renée he developed the helpdesk in 2016. Then the tech world called. Ahmad now works for Jungleminds, but always stays in our team in spirit.

Tamer Allaloush

Tamer is our community campaigner and actie-onderzoeker. Tamer knows like no one else how to build, maintain and grow online and offline communities. He knows everyone, and everyone knows Tamer. With his foundation Dreaming of Syria he unites cultures, for example by dancing Dabke.

We partner with

IPW studies and improves the Res Publica. They are our main partner.

Multitude is an office for visual branding with social impact. They are the master minds behind OpenEmbassy's design.

We're always looking for new partners! Something for your organisation? Contact us!

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