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OpenEmbassy is building a network of people who are fleeing because of the war in Ukraine and people in the Netherlands who can be of assistance.

Do you want to help us or do you know people who would like to join the network?You can reach our helpdesk via:

We know what helps people who have fled in the country of their arrival. And that is what will be needed in the long term, and what is needed now:

  • answers to practical and legal questions
  • network of Ukrainian Dutch people
  • network of other experienced Dutch people
  • accessible (mental) healthcare
  • (temporary) housing
  • contact with and information about family and friends in the home country

For all these matters we and befriended organizations may need your support and we will come back to that. For now we have three questions:

1. Can you help us with our online helpdesk? 
To answer questions, we will use our online helpdesk, which is available for all newcomers in the Netherlands. Do you speak and write English well and can you collect and share information quickly and efficiently, we would like to welcome you as a ‘super local’.

2. The most important thing is to know what people need.
This is why we are looking for Dutch people who speak Ukrainian. We are building that network, it would be great if you can contribute to it. Can you bring us in contact with people who speak Ukrainian, or do you speak Ukrainian?

3. Do you have specific talents / skills / housing that you would like to share with us, let us know. Right now there are Ukrainians in the Netherlands who can’t return. This will probably the first issue for which we will contact you.

İmren Yigit Ari, Abdulwadoud, Frans Somers, Patrick Van Der Hijden and Renée Frissen are on our team, so you can expect messages from them.

Thank you so much, and take care,
The OpenEmbassy Team

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