A New Outlook for Homeless Young People / Kansfonds

OpenEmbassy is dedicated to understanding the livelihood perspective of young homeless people with a refugee background.

Young homeless people have unmet basic needs, such as a roof over their heads, or an income. Unfortunately, it is not always easy for them—nor for the professionals who help them—to quickly meet these needs. It is thus especially difficult for them to plan for the future. Thanks to Kansfonds, OpenEmbassy can support five young homeless people with a refugee background to make the fundamental breakthroughs necessary for their livelihood. We do this in collaboration with the Instituut voor Publieke Waarden, which is itself responsible for fifteen young people.

The municipalities to which the young people belong form a learning community. Through our initiative, they can then develop better and more effective policies for young and adult homeless people. This way, we use individual impact (helping homeless young people gain a new outlook) to change the system (helping municipalities improve the situation of all young homeless people).

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