Ivana Barišić

New Staff Member at OpenEmbassy: Ivana Barišić!

As of January 1st, OpenEmbassy now has eight staff members! Ivana Barišić will support us as a Community Builder & Researcher, focusing on Rotterdam.

Ivana studied Cultural Anthropology and worked at Stichting Move, where she facilitated mentorships between older students and children and adolescents in Rotterdam. She is also a filmmaker, and previously curated the program at the Kriterion cinema.

She will help us promote the Welcome App as a platform where newcomers can ask questions in Rotterdam. Moreover, Ivana will also connect people with organisations, and serve as our scout to know what is happening among newcomers in the city.

You can email her at ivana@openembassy.nl.

(Photo Credit: Katarina Jazbec)

As a Dutch person with a migration background, I have always felt the urge to work for equality and inclusivity. My mission is to bridge the gap between different groups in the Netherlands.

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