Ukrainian community in the Netherlands

KOLO — The Ukrainian community in the Netherlands.

According to the latest data, there are about 64,000 newly arrived Ukrainians only in the Netherlands. And how many Ukrainians are there in the world? At the OpenEmbassy, we know how it feels to be new in a country where you don’t know anyone or anything. That is why we created the Ukrainian community KOLO  — a place where Ukrainians can meet, communicate and be in a circle among other Ukrainians.

Based on the newcomers’ experience, OpenEmbassy creates strategies that municipalities take into account, and at the same time, we individually support everyone who needs it. Our events are for open communication, finding new friends, and gradually building a Ukrainian community in the Netherlands. Therefore, it is a win-win situation where we help each other: you are sharing your experience with us, and we are learning from you to build a better place in the Netherlands.

Who is this community for?
It is for Ukrainians who are looking for new deep connections.
Online events are available to everyone, and offline events will take place in Amsterdam.



Who is welcomed in this community?
People who share common values: honesty, humanity, and humanism.

What to expect:
— Ukrainian-speaking community;
— Open and deep communication;
— Help with integration processes in the Netherlands.

How to get into Kolo?
Before admitting to joining Kolo, please answer the following question and share it with us on Instagram:
— How did you find out about KOLO?
— What is your motivation to join the community?
— What type of events are interesting for you?

After analyzing answers, you will get a link to a closed Telegram chat for comfortable communication. For more details contact Anna @AnnaBilenka. Don’t want to join the Telegram group? Feel free to follow us on Instagram.

Upcoming events:
There will be online and offline book meetings, where we discuss books during the deep and meaningful conversations, every second and third Wednesday of the month. As well as events upon request: to expand the circle of communication, improve integration processes, etc.

If you have ideas for holding events for Ukrainians, please write to Anna at


Registration is mandatory,
so that we are aware of the number of people, to prepare accordingly, and to inform you personally in case of unforeseen changes. Therefore, your data will not be transferred to third parties.

Offline meetings include drinks, snacks, and activities for children, so that parents can rest a little. All meetings are free of charge. Instead, we ask that you tell your friends and like-minded people about our events, write reviews, and tag us on social networks: @kolo_community, @openembassy, @anna.bilenka. Together we will build a solid and sincere community of Ukrainians.

Help in integration issues. 

All events are organized by OpenEmbassy, which is engaged in improving integration processes for newcomers. We are willing to help every newcomer in the Netherlands, So if:
— you have a story you would like to share about your life in the Netherlands.
— you have a question to which you cannot find an answer.
— you need support you in finding your way,
please ask us or ask for support directly at the meetings. We are happy to help and learn from your experience, and make this place equally comfortable for everyone.

See you soon!

Author: Anna Bilenka, action researcher & community builder at OpenEmbassy

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