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Do you want to know what a Dutch resume looks like? Did you receive a difficult letter from the municipality? Or are you looking for things for your new home? OpenEmbassy’s online helpdesk helps you get started with everyday questions about life in the Netherlands!

OpenEmbassy is an online helpdesk for people who are new to the Netherlands.

Through our web app, Facebook Messenger, Mail and Twitter, Dutch people give you a personal answer. We are available 24/7 and respond within 24 hours.

Mieke, Teacher

"It's not the question if, but when municipalities start cooperating with Open Embassy to support status holders (even) better in building up a new life."

Dikran, Engineer

"One of the best and most creative websites utilising modern technology to assist people."

Hadi, Programmer

"Highly experienced and dedicated people, always there to help and support me. Thanks OpenEmbassy team!"

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